Who We Are

Who We Are

We Achieve Excellence in Measurement Systems.

The founder of our company, Ismail UÇAK, began his career in the digital measurement sector in 1986 as a representative of Sony magnetic measurement systems at one of Turkey's leading organizations.

In 1992, he served for many years at EAE Electronics, which was once the first and only manufacturer of digital measurement systems in Turkey, adding to his experience.

In 1994, he took his first steps into the production of milling machine bellows and began manufacturing custom-sized bellows, pausing for a while before resuming production.

Our company, Uçak Machine Tools Machinery Accessories Industry and Trade Ltd. Co., was established in 2002 and is still operating on the foundation laid by Uçak Machine Electronics, which continues to exist. It is a forward-looking organization that closely follows technology, equipped with sufficient expertise in mold technology, mechanical, and electronic fields to meet the market's needs within the framework of high quality and customer satisfaction in its field.

Our company's central branch is located in Bayrampaşa and provides services throughout Turkey. Our company, which has had bellows manufacturing within its structure for many years, improved its production technology and renewed its machinery lineup in 2009, opening a new branch and manufacturing facility in Adapazarı. Recognizing the importance of manufacturing and continuing its investments in this direction, our company is working to minimize the time factor in producing some products, even though it faces challenges.

In addition, our company can provide service and spare parts support for optical and magnetic linear encoder measurement systems of any brand. Currently, we continue our work on magnetic systems, serving as the authorized service and sales provider for Sino scale systems. We continue to work tirelessly to manufacture or represent a reputable company without compromising on quality.

Without ever compromising on quality and with the pleasure derived from customer satisfaction, we have expanded our sales and service network by forming partnerships with the brands we currently distribute. With 20 years of experience, we take pride in offering a wider range of services to our valued customers.

Thank you for choosing us.

Uçak Machine Tools Machinery Accessories Industry and Trade Ltd. Co.
General Manager Ismail UÇAK


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